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We exist to ensure AI is worthy of trust


With great promise,
 comes great responsibility.

We now live in an AI economy.

The problem is that today’s AI economy is based on blind trust, for trust cannot be built from black boxes. Without visibility and accountability, it is impossible to deploy and govern AI at scale.


Full AI assurance & reassurance

Our vision is a world where the promise of AI is fulfilled and the perils are avoided. That’s why we made our mission our name: to ensure and assure AI is responsible, safe and robust. 

  • Responsible

    We verify that there’s human oversight and control to ensure the AI system performs as intended under all circumstances.

  • Safe

    We ensure AI is aligned with the values that define us as humans, ensuring it does not result in harm.

  • Robust

    We test whether the AI system is able to withstand unforeseen failures and adversarial attacks by third party malicious actors.

As artificial intelligence becomes indistinguishable from human intelligence, so must its values and safeguards

April Chin CEO (Singapore), Resaro



From blind trust to informed trust

Resaro offers independent, third-party assurance of mission-critical AI systems with unparalleled breadth and depth.

We accelerate responsible, safe and robust AI adoption for enterprises, through technical advisory and evaluation of AI systems against emerging regulatory requirements.


Our bespoke approach

No platform can inspect and test effectively for all potential harms to the highest standards for your custom use case. We combine talent, technology tools and proprietary testing protocols to provide independent and tailored AI authentication with scientific rigour, ensuring complete compliance.

  • Expert Insights

  • Data Science & Engineering Talent

  • Proprietary Testing Tools & Protocols

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  • Technical AI evaluation

    Carry out technical validation and performance benchmarking of AI models - to allow standardised comparisons - before and after you procure or develop.

  • AI stress-testing

    Anticipate what could go wrong and use our advanced test protocols and tools to understand the performance limits of the AI model.

  • AI assurance advisory

    Gain expert advice on how to govern and manage the risks of AI in your business context, as well as aligning with global guidelines and standards.

  • AI assurance training

    Train your executives and technology teams to understand good AI/ML practices, innovation-friendly procurement practices and ways to mitigate risks.

We offer independent, third-party testing of mission-critical AI systems.



Our story begins with the advent of AI.

Resaro was founded on the belief that AI will change the world in ways we cannot even imagine, but every new technology needs safeguards.

We have assembled a team of AI experts, engineers and data scientists to do critical and cutting-edge work. We are driven by our mission to ensure the responsible adoption of AI. Our work is a duty, therefore, not a job.  That’s why we set the standard above the standards to earn the trust and the reputation as a leading AI assurance company. If you are looking for a career as rewarding as it is challenging, join us at Resaro. 

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